S3EP03 - Alice & Doris Lieu of ILootPaperie


Hey everyone!  A NEW episode with:

Illustrators, Stationary Creators and Authors

Alice & Doris Lieu of ILootPaperie! 

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez

Editing/Design: Tom K.

Music by: iampunchdeck & @teenagerecords

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ILootPaperie’s Links and Work:

Alice & Doris Lieu | ILOOTPAPERIE



+ IG: @ilootpaperie

+ FB: facebook.com/ilootpaperie

+ We wrote and illustrated a book all about Sisters: 


Available for Pre-order now hip hip hooray!

Only 1 reminder of a Virtual event happening soon. Make sure to look them up and catch all the great artists selling their amazing work!

Cat Con from the Couch -2021 is coming up

April 17th & 18th 2021

All things Cats! Artwork, clothing, cat toys, panels, superstar guests and more! Visit all this from your couch!!

Go to 


To check out some awesome exhibitors!

Now here are 5 Awesome Instagram Artists from around the world for you to discover:

Theme this week: Embroidery, Thread and Fabric Artists 

First up:

Andreia Cabral 

An Embroidery Artist creating beautiful skilled designs of immaculate hearts, eyes and detailed animals. Look for her work:


Next is:

Sara Duarte 

A sculptor that uses a combination of cotton, plastics and fabrics to create these sweet and creepy creatures. You’ll smile just looking them.

Look them up 


Next is:


Doll maker and Fabric Artist sewing felt creatures of frogs, moths, cats and more. The Handmade stitching details are so fun to look at, you should all check them out at:


Next is:

Mega Felt

This Melbourne Artist creates colorful and happy felt pieces of cactus, burgers, frogs and more. Detailed hand stitching and sweet grinning mouths create some fun designs.

Look for them 


And last but not least:


A fabric artist creating large size bug and moth an creatures. Beautiful and detailed moths, Beatles and bats create a larger than hand sized friend.

Find her work 


Search for these amazing artists and take a look at their great work! See you in 2 weeks! ☺️❤️