S3EP04 - Chris Kawagiwa & Christina Ricon-Kawagiwa of Kit n’ Rivet!


Hey everyone!

This week’s NEW episode w/

Illustrators, Comic Artist & Designers

Chris Kawagiwa and Christina Ricon-Kawagiwa of Kit n’ Rivet!

We chat about Illustration, Life and their experience at markets and conventions! 

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez

Editing Director: Tom K.

Music by: iampunchdeck & @teenagerecords

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Interview: 00:02:50

Crossing Point: 00:44:50

Total: 00:48:56

Kit n’ Rivet’s Links and Work:

Website: kitnrivet.com

IG: @kitnrivet and @corazoneshandmade 

 Welcome to the Crossing Point Section!

This is where I usually post dates and info about upcoming events, Instagram Artists and more. Today, we have 2 Virtual events happening soon. Make sure to look them up and catch all the great artists!

First event is :


The Electronic Entertainment Experience. An online, interactive, worldwide event taking place 

June 12th -15th 2021

It will showcase the video game industry with live press conferences and a 4-day video streaming event.

If you like games and artists that work in games, check it out.

For more info, got to:


Next is coming soon:

San Diego Comic Con @ Home

This virtual event will take place 

July 23rd - 25th 2021

And will stream live panels, links to exhibitors, premieres and more. 

Get more info at:


And with a surprise addition:

San Diego Comic Con announced dates for their in-person, that;s right, in-person Special Edition Comic Convention happening on 

November 26th -28th 2021

At the San Diego Convention Center.

In hopes that by fall, conditions will permit larger public gatherings.

Stay tuned for that and keep checking the site for ticket info.

Some good stuff coming!

Now here are 5 Awesome Instagram Artists from around the world for you to discover:

Theme this week: Illustrators

First is:


Hunter Waldera 

A Great color scheme of oranges, yellows and greens, accompanied by whimsical characters and narrative designs of people. 

Check out this great work 


Next is:



The wonderful throwback to a 70’s era design motif that introduces you to mushrooms, frogs and very expressive celestial designs. 

Look for it


Next is:


Cam Estela G. 

The sketchy lines, the play with rich and muted colors, shows Lots of heart put into these lovely drawings of companionship, feelings and love.

Check out her work


Next is:


Soda Pop and Friends

A Florida based Illustrator who’s mission is to draw a frog every day for a year. These Daily drawings of frogs are a good way to make you smile.

Look for them 


And last but not least:


Julian Miholics

An illustrator/ceramicists from Canada who’s designs are rich with character and personality. With a hint of 60’s and 70’s quirkiness, his unique creature designs show in his illustrations and sculptures. 

Check out this great work


Okay, enjoy your week and be creative! See you next time! šŸ’•