S3EP02 - Shane Corn of Maizkid74


Hey everyone! So glad to be back for Season 3 with A NEW episode! Let’s meet

Character Designer, Illustrator and Painter:

Shane Corn of @maizkid74 ! 

Listen in as we chat about his start as an Artist and his career journey in Animation!

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez

Editing/Design: Tom K.

Music by: iampunchdeck & @teenagerecords

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Episode Timeline: 


Interview: 00:01:46

Crossing Point: 00:48:22

Total: 00:52:21

Shane’s Links and Work:

Website: shanecorn.com

Instagram: @maizkid74

Also, if you want to know more about Convention Crossing and me, go to drawingfromexperience.com and look for EP104! Shane Izykowski interviewed me! We talk all about Art, Animation, Convention life today and more! Or go here directly:


Today, we have 2 Virtual events happening soon. Make sure to look them up and catch all the great artists!

First is:

Wonder Con @Home

March 26th & 27th 2021

A great place for panels, exhibitors and Contests All from your living room! 

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Second one is:

Cat Con from the Couch -2021

April 17th & 18th 2021

All things Cats! Artwork, clothing, cat toys, panels, superstar guests and more! Visit all this from your couch!!


I know we’re all missing those live conventions but these are some great virtual events happening real soon, right from your own place. Check them out and check back here for some more events coming this Spring and Summer. 

Now here are 5 Awesome Instagram Artists from around the world for you to discover:

Theme this week:

Toy and Plush Designers

First up:

Mariangela Tan

A Sculptor/ plush Artist from Brooklyn, New York, creating cute and unique plushies with fibers & Resin!

Look for all it


Next is:

Susan from Bijoukitty 

A solo handmade plush artist that creates small batch, boutique stuffed animals like koalas, piggies, kittens and more. 

Look for these cuties 


Next is:

Anna Chambers 

An illustrator, Toy Designer, Animation Artist and Friend from California. She creates everything from her famous Lucy Owl plush to her recent Covy B plush! 

Look for all her great Designs 


Next up:

GG’s Creatures 

Creature maker and Artist creating all sorts of bat dolls! 

Check out all these great creatures 


And last but not least:


A Toy and Wood Designer creating and carving little kids, bunnies and more. 

Check out the amazing designs 


Thank You and I’ll see you in 2 weeks! ❤️