S3EP01 - Convention Crossing Update and Announcements

Hey everybody! How’s it’s going? Welcome to Convention Crossing, I’m your host Dee and although this isn’t a full episode, I wanted to do a quick update and some announcements! 

I can’t believe how quick this year is going. The plan I had to return in January got pushed to February and with scheduling new artists, managing my HamCat Shoppe and the weekly comic, the return is now in March. I do want say Thank You so much for keeping this show going with your downloads, likes and comments. It means the world to me to have such an awesome community and a place to promote such great work! So I’m happy to announce season 3 is on it’s way! Yay! I have some guests lined up and I’m pushing to return by mid March. So stay tuned for that update! 

First I’m excited to announce our debut Tomorrow on the Drawing From Experience Podcast! Shane Izykowski invited me on his podcast to speak about Conventions, how I got started, the state of conventions at the moment because of the pandemic and our very own Podcast! We interviewed Shane back in Season 1 Ep.22 (so you can go to the archives and listen in) and it’s so great to hang out with him again on his own show! The Drawing From Experience Podcast has great conversations with Artists in the Art World and they discuss how issues and experiences collide in our daily lives!  It was lots of fun chatting with Shane and I hope you can head on over to Drawing From Experience Podcast and listen in to our conversation out Tomorrow! I will also put his info in our show notes, so you can go there directly! Thank you so much Shane!  

A few other quick house keeping notes that I am working on and want to mention:

— Convention Crossing is now on Amazon Music/Audible and iHeartRadio Podcasts! Both are now added to our list of podcast outlets. Search for Convention Crossing on the iHeartRadio App and listen! You can also go to the Amazon Music App and search for our show or ask Alexa to play Convention Crossing podcast! Don’t forget to Follow for all episode updates! 

— Next - I’m working on Introducing a flashback day of past featured artists with sound bits and links included. This way we can revisited past artists and all their great work. So that’s something from the past to look forward to. Haha

— Another thing you might have noticed. We have an updated logo design with our 3 podcast mascots  - Remy the Tiger, Maddie Moose and Mic Boom the Microphone. They have been apart of this show from the start and I added this updated logo to our new season.

— I am also working to open a Convention Crossing shop! 

It’s gonna be small at first, but I wanted to have some stickers and maybe t-shirts featuring our logo and the mascots! I’ve had some requests and would really like to honor them. So keep an eye out for the opening date on that.

— Last, speaking of the mascots, You should also know that we have created fully animated Convention Crossing emoji sticker set! You can download them for free on your IPhone and use them in your Messages when you text! Yay! So have fun with those, they are free to download, just go into the apple App Store and search convention crossing! 

Alright, that’s it for now but Don’t forget to check out our interview on Drawing From Experience Podcast you can find on your favorite podcast outlets! 

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Thanks again for everyone visiting Convention Crossing and downloading our show during this break! You guys Rock and I love Ya! Until Next Time! Bye!