S2EP29 - Leeza Hernandez of LeezaWorks


Hey everyone! A NEW episode with:

Editorial Art Director & Freelance Illustrator 

Leeza Hernandez of Leeza Works! 

Listen in as we chat about Nigel the Black Cat and her career journey in Illustration!

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez

Editing/Design: Tom K.

Music by: iampunchdeck & @teenagerecords

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If you want to get some great and fun items like Nigel the Black Cat plushie, stickers, prints and more, Leeza is offering a special with this episode in her ETSY shop!

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Leeza’s Links and Work:

IG - @leezaworks 


We have 3 Virtual events happening this month, perfect for the holidays:

Now if you missed out on November’s 

Virtual Makers Holiday Market, you’re in luck, because all this month they will be sharing products, vendor information and more to help you shop this holiday season.

Look for them on Instagram 


The next one is a curated collection of women-owned small businesses to help you find the perfect holiday gift without getting off the couch!

It’s called Virtual Holiday Craft Market made by @partandparcel

Check it out 


And one more is a Virtual Holiday Pop-Up now through December 31st! 

It’s created by Lisa Nicole Rosado and you can find all the links


There you go, 3 great holiday events to get your shopping done some what early.

Now here are 5 Awesome Instagram Artists from around the world for you to discover:

No theme this week, just a mix of great artists:

 First up:

Katya Reyda - colorful and playful illustrations of characters, such as Santa, bears, mushrooms all made in Plasticine!

Look for it:


Next is:

Little Lumps - Handmade Artwork and plush completely sewn by hand, no machine used. Cute creatures, owls, lambs and more.

Look for these soft characters 


Next is: 

Lauren Holton 

Embroidery Artist in Seattle, creating botanical, floral, landscapes and interiors, done in lovely pastel palettes.

Check out her beautiful work 


Next up is:

Justin Donaldson

A beautiful gouache painter that details and imagines wonderful landscapes in the Ghibli-esque style. 

Check out his awesome work


Last but not least:


Summoner of quality plush familiars.

Handmade creatures and cryptids- made from felt, fur and maybe a little darkness.

Look for them 


You can find all these artists links on our site or search for them on Instagram. 

Thanks for Getting this far~ Now go relax!๐Ÿงก❤️๐Ÿ–ค☃️