S2EP24 - Kim Nguyen of Kimposed Interview

Hey everyone!

A NEW episode with:

Watercolor Painter and Calligrapher-

Kim Nguyen of Kimposed!

We talk about her Watercolor work, Calligraphy workshops and experiences selling at markets and conventions.

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez

Editing/Design: Tom K.

Music by: iampunchdeck & @teenagerecords

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Episode Timeline: 


Interview: 00:01:36

Crossing Point: 00:30:29

Total: 00:34:50

Kim’s Links and Work:

Website and Shop: Kimposed.com 

IG, Twitter & TikTok:  @kimposed

Artist Alley Tips:
Convention Blog Series Part 1 (they link to each of the parts): https://kimposed.com/blogs/behind-the-scenes/artist-alley-tips-for-your-first-con

Here are 5 Instagram Artist from Around the world for you to discover:

The theme this week: Embroidery and Fiber Artists 

First up:

Olivia SG from Ontario Canada 

Check out these handmade Beautifully detailed flowers and Mountaindscapes. 

Look for her @riverbirchthreads 

Next is:

Mini Art House 

A collection of handmade miniature embroidered pillows of peacocks, flowers, parrots and fruit.

Check it out @miniarthouse 

Next is:

Georgie Emery from the U.K. 

Detailed realistic plantscapes and handmade butterflies you can hold in your hand! 

Look for her work @georgie.k.emery 

Next up is:

Sila Gurr from Inverness, Scotland

A fashion inspired thread painter that creates people caught in a moment with very beautiful thread details. 

Look for her work @jolly_hoops 

And last but not least:

Pippa Haynes 

Amazingly detailed artwork of embroidered mushrooms and flowers that protrude from the canvas. 

Find her work @lemonpepperstudio 

You made it, now go take a nap! See you next time! 💜