S2EP23 - Eva Lacy of Critterosity Interview


Hey everyone!

In this episode, an interview with:

Eva Lacy of Critterosity!

Listen as we chat about her paintings, the business side to selling your work and her experiences at conventions and markets.

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez

Editing/Design: Tom K.

Music by: iampunchdeck & @teenagerecords

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Interview: 00:01:37

Crossing Point: 00:53:42

Total: 00:57:32

Eva’s Upcoming Virtual Event:

Wish Upon A Star 

Sept. 4th - 6th 


Eva’s Links and Work:

Website and Shop: Critterosity.myshopify.com

IG:  @critterosity & @critterosityshop

Eva’s Patreon!

Eva’s Tax Workshop!

Here are 5 Instagram Artist from Around the world for you to discover:

The theme this week: Stop Motion Animation

First Up:

Alexis Eve and Scott DaRos of Threadwood

Stop Motion Artists

Creating amazing cat animations, props creatures and more. Check out their short clips of a series for @animationwildcard called “Magical Cat”.

Look for it @_threadwood 

Next is:

Coco Peri

A Commercial Stop motion Artist creating fun clips with food, bags, illustrations and lots more.

Look for her @colette.peri

Next is:

Ivan Sarrion Soria 

Stop Motion Animator from Valencia, Spain. 

He creates a great mix of organic and cartoon animations, both commercial and personal. 

Look for it @ivan.ss.stopmotion

Next is:


Artist, Alchemy,Illumination a Stop motion collection of Puppet Tarot Cards. Mysterious and mesmerizing.

Look for it @twelfthmountain 

And last but certainly not least:

Adrenaline Grubb

Stop Motion Animation Director with

Puppets, Props and Tiny Stuff. She creates fun unique worlds and amazing handmade props and characters.

Look for her work @adeenagrubb

Now go enjoy that bag of chips and we’ll see you next time! 🧡