S2EP20 - Justin Jones of TinBotCreative Interview

Hey everyone!

In this episode, an interview with Artist:

Illustrator & Designer

Justin Jones of TinBotCreative! 

Join us as we talk about his Conventions, his live stream, Artwork and more!     

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez

Editing/Design: Tom K.

Music by: iampunchdeck & @teenagerecords

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Justin’s Links and Work:

Website and Shop: TinBotCreative.com

YouTube: TinBotCreative 

Twitch: TinBotCreative 

IG:  @tinbotcreative 

Episode Timeline: 


Interview: 00:02:14

Crossing Point: 00:48:14

Total: 00:52:09

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The theme this week: Traditional Painters 

First up:

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