S2EP19 - Euge of Puglie Pug Interview

Hey everyone!

In this episode, an interview with:

Illustrator & Designer

Euge of Puglie Pug!

Join us as we talk about his convention experience , origins of Puglie Pug and more!

  Host/Creator: Dee Chavez

Editing/Design: Tom K.

Music by: iampunchdeck & @teenagerecords

Episode Timeline: 


Interview: 00:01:32

Crossing Point: 00:36:40

Artist Shoutouts: 00:36:56

Total: 00:39:10

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Puglie Pug’s Links:

Website and Shop: pugliepug.com

IG:  @pugliepug 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pugliepug?_rdr=p

Twitter: @pugliepug 

Here are 5 Instagram Artist Shoutouts for you to discover:

The theme this week: Plushie Creators 

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She Creates cute, soft plushies animals for your favorite person. 

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Sao De La Vega 

A Plush Artist based in L.A. 

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And last but not least:

Evelyn Fabro 

A plush Artist based in Colorado, creating handmade plushies of Bats and other cute animals. 

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Enjoy and catch you next time!