S2EP14 - Greg and Rosanna of Print Ritual Interview

Hey everyone!
In this episode, an interview with Illustrators and Screen Printers:
Greg and Rosanna of Print Ritual!
Join us as we talk about their convention adventures, their detailed process for their screened illustrations, enamel pins and more!

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez
Editing/Design: Tom K.
Music by: iampunchdeck & @teenagerecords

Episode Timeline: 
Interview: 00:01:50
Crossing Point: 00:32:06
Artist Shoutouts: 00:33:42
Total: 00:35:54

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Website and Shop: printritual.com 
IG:  @Print_Ritual 

Print Ritual’s Work:

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Next is our 5 Instagram Artist Shoutouts for you to discover! Decided to do a theme this week of a variety of sculptors! 

Melissa Sue Stanley - A Sculptor & Artist creating fun whimsical creatures, that are sculpted, crafted and more!
Look for her @thewoolbeasts 

Animomal - A Sculptor and Diorama Miniature maker creating wonderful underwater scenes with sculpted sea life. 
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Sis Popovy - Fine Artists and sculptors 
Sisters Lena and Katya Popovy create fine art with dolls and fashion. 
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The Freak - an Artist and Monster Sculptor creating custom work and made to order monster creations.
Find him @the.monster.sandbox 

Ashley - Artist and Felt Sculptor creating spooky and fun creatures for your enjoyment.
Find her @spookycutes 

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