S2EP13 - Kris Kehasuk Interview

Sup everyone!
In this episode, an interview with Illustrator and Designer:
Kris Kehasuk!
Join us as we talk about his convention adventures and describing his process for his detailed and fantastic illustrations!

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez
Editing/Design: Tom K.
Music by: iampunchdeck
Also by: James @teenagerecords

Episode Timeline: 
Interview: 00:01:44
Crossing Point: 00:30:32
Artist Shoutouts: 00:32:08
Total: 00:34:21

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View Kris’s pics below and all Artist Shoutouts right after! 

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Kris’s Links:

Website and Shop: www.kehasuk.com 
IG:  @kehasuk

Kris’s Work:

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Thank you for listening and Congrats for making it to the end!!💕