S2EP11 - Hannah England Interview

Hey everyone!
In this episode, an interview with Artist and Illustrator:
Hannah England! 
Join us as we talk about her convention adventures and describing her detailed and organized process for her awesome illustrations! Check out her photos below and also, 5 Instagram Artist Shoutouts!! 

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez
Editing/Design: Tom K.
Music by: iampunchdeck
Also by: James @teenagerecords

Episode Timeline: 
Interview: 00:01:54
Crossing Point: 00:47:34
Total: 00:51:07 

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Hannah’s Links:

Website:     studiohannah.com
IG:              @studiohannahart
YouTube Channel:  www.YouTube.com/StudioHannah 

Reference links:

Resin/Mold Making - YouTube channel:

Jake Parker - Artist/Illustrator 

Hannah’s Work:

Here are 5 Instagram Artist Shout outs for you to discover!

First up: 
Makeup and Creature Effects Artist 
Amber Mari Creations 
Be amazed by her makeup and effects collaborations and sculptures!
You can check her out 

Storyboard Artist and designer
Rachel S. Long
Check out her fun and colorful designs of people and creatures! 
You can find her

Visual Developer and Character Designer
Amanda Turnage 
An awesome collection of characters, colorful environments and illustrations! 
You can find her 

Story Artist and Illustrator 
David C. Smith
Check out his Fun, weird, playful designs directly out of his mind! 
You can find him 

Toy Designer
Classic bot 
Look up this fun and vintage looking toy series that play homage to classic computer designs. 
You can check it out