S2EP10 - Fian Arroyo Interview

Hey everyone!
In this episode, an interview with Artist and Illustrator:
Fian Arroyo!
Join us as we talk about his convention adventures and describing his process for his detailed and awesome illustrations!

Host/Creator: Dee Chavez
Editing/Design: Tom K.
Music by: iampunchdeck
Also by: James @teenagerecords

Episode Timeline: 
Interview: 00:01:46
Crossing Point: 00:22:37
Total: 00:25:12 

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Below pictures are 
5 Instagram Artist Shoutouts!

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Fian Arroyo’s Links:

Website: http://www.fian.com 

Shop for my fine art prints at https://www.etsy.com/shop/FianArroyoArt

Fian’s Work:

5 Instagram Artist Shoutouts 
for you to discover:

First up: 

Artist and YouTuber 
Chris Hong 
An IG account full of wonderful characters, portraits and detailed colored pencil work!
You can Find her @chrishongart 

Next is:

Author and Children’s Book Illustrator 
Vin Vogel 
His IG is filled with Fun and colorful characters and illustrations!
You can find him @vinvogel 

Next is:

Illustrator and Painter 
Niki Lambro 
Her IG has an awesome and colorful collection of illustrations and portrait paintings!
You can find her @nikilambro 

Next up:

Artist and Character Designer 
Nao (Nah - oh)
Her IG is filled with fun and odd characters .
You can find her @incineroar 

Last is:

Author/Illustrator and Art Director 
Beatrice Blue 
Her IG has beautiful color palettes, detailed illustrations and dreamy designs.

Check her out @beatrice.blue