S1E12 - Stephen Holman Interview

In this episode, an Interview with the multi-talented

Stephen Holman!

Listen as we talk about his time as an Animator/Creator of Life with Loopy, Animating on Pee Wee’s Playhouse, painting for galleries and his adventures at conventions. Also, the Crossing Point, highlights of upcoming events in the Convention world.

Host: Dee Chavez
Director of Editing/Design: Tom K.
Music credit to: iampunchdeck
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Quick note: You can check out Stephen’s work at these upcoming events:
Solo exhibition at Portfolio Cafe, Long Beach 6-9pm Sept 27th 
CTNX convention November 21-24 2019Burbank Marriott, CA
American Visionary Art Museum - in the month of October in Baltimore, Maryland
Hive Gallery, Los Angeles curated exhibition - “Pagan Holiday” opening Dec 7th 2019
Solo exhibition Lisa Derrick Fine Arts, Chinatown, Los Angeles Feb 2020

 So stop by and say hi!

Stephen’s Links :